Next Generation Sequencing

Summer course, Aarhus University, Bioinformatics Research Center, 2016

This course was organized by Professors at BiRC (Mikkel Schierup) and the Dept. of Molecular Biology (Stig Andersen). I helped in the development of the exercises and I was the Teaching Assistant for two consecutive years.

In this Summer course, students learned about NGS technologies and applications. They also learned how to use Methods for assembling genomes from NGS data (both with a reference genome or de novo assembly) and learned about some of emphasis on assessing NGS data quality (Quality control, accuracy of base calling). Galaxy was the platform used for analyses.

At the end of the course the students would be able to:

  • Describe key challenges in analysis of NGS data.
  • Explain the theoretical foundation of methods using NGS for assembling and analysing genomes.
  • Discuss the bioinformatics methods for genome analysis.
  • Discuss original literature within the subjects.
  • Use bioinformatics tools within the selected application areas.